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Forum Rules

Post by SmashFiles on Sun Mar 30, 2008 1:32 pm

Here are the basic rules you should follow at the forum.

-No pornagraphy
plain and simple. I will ban you immediatly for this

Do not abuse your power. I will either get rid of your status, or ban you.

-No flaming:
do not flame each other, if the argument (flame) gets out of hand, I may ban you.

-Please use correct spelling:
i will not ban you for this, but it would just be better for everyone.

-Do not use excessive caps marks:
So dont talk like this... HEy GuYs, HOw ARE yoU?!?!

-Dont double post.

-No 1 word posts

-Topics over 2 weeks old that are bumped will be locked/deleted.

-No sarcasm that may hurt someone. (Edgar)

-Stay on topic

-Dont bump:
the mods and admin will bump if we need too.

-Be sure you post in the right topic

-Have fun! Very Happy

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