Halo Assasinations.

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Halo Assasinations.

Post by thefreeman on Tue Dec 23, 2008 5:06 pm

Ok so i dont play halo a lot exept when i go to my freinds house. so i was playing online with my friend and i realy kinda suck at it. I kept on getting owned and getting killed tens off times. So my freind and i started some new tactics. I would charge at them, beats down the nearest guy, and draw their attention. Then he would snipe out anyone trying to kill me, and i would keep beating guys down. Then we did this one level with a lot of jump Places. So i started jumping up Behind people and beat them on the back of the head. I ended up with 32 kills, All of them assasinations, Then i tried the same in warhawk and counterstike, with the knifes...... It didnt realy work.
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