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Spore reveiw

Post by thefreeman on Mon Dec 22, 2008 10:39 pm

Spore is an evolution simulator that is made by maxis, the same creators of the Sims. It is one of my faverite games to play for the computer, and has so much to be able to do. In the beginning yo start out as a single cell organism, you can add different parts to enhance your abilities or give you new one. Like you can enhance speed, attack, and stamina, and you can get the charge, poison, and electricity abilities. You earn DNA points to upgrade your creature, and eventually get to the next stage. The next stage is the creature stage. you first can add legs (which is recomended) and you can become a preditor, herbivor, or an omnivore. The main point of this stage is to befreind or exterminate the other races on the Island/ continent. You gain DNA for hunting other creatures and befreinding them. As you get farther into the stage your creatures get bigger brains and you can get other members of your race or befreinded race into your pack for hunting and such. after awhile your creature get so smart your creature can go into the tribal stage. This is optional but other races will be advancing while you stick where you are. Tribal stage isnt much, just a simple RTS, and the same with civilazation stage, but when you get to space you can go to other star systems, befreind other races, ubduct things, colonize planet, Terraphorm planets and much more!

Graphics: 8.5 not a whole lot of realy realistic graphics, but how all the creatures parts move is flawless.
Gamplay:9 i can spend hours playing single cell, creature, and space age stages, but the other ones just seem kinda stupid.
Sound: 8 The creatures make very realistic noises and their sounds change depending on what voice you have. But in Tribal phase and up they talk In the Sims jibberish talk.
Overall: 8.5 i recomend this game to anyone with a good computer and who is very creative.
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