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This is a story set in year 2059. Humans have gained the technology for space travel and met other species, aleins. While out in space some humans have cross bred with other species, or just evolved while away from earth.


The planet of ricktor 9 circled around the small sun not much bigger than itself. On this lush green planet, a species of humanoids lived in large communities, out of the way of anything any space traveling species was looking for. These people are called the duinde, and are much more intelligent than most believe. When the humans reached the planet of ricktor 9 the duinde hid from the strange looking beings. Some of them were found but didnt talk or make noise at all. The humans made no notice and thought that they were just stupid animals who only spoke with smells, like ants. The truth was the duinde were psychic. The large magnetic rays on their planet altered their DNA to focus on a specific part of the brain. The thing was they only talked through mind connect. A side affect of all these magnetic rays was that the humans didnt see the mass amounts of metal and fuel, underneath their feat. so the humans left. The duinde had many years of peace from the rest of the galexy. Then more humans came. They were scientist, that came to study the biology of this planet. They looked closer at the duinde and invited them to their ship. The duinde able to read emotions and such, came to be studied. The scientists looked at their strange features and their ability to read minds, lift objects, and power machines. In return the scientist taught the duinde how to speak the common language of the galexy, and how to make and operate machines. After the scientist jobs were done they left the planet, and left the duinde with the ability to do much. At this time a war was breaking out between the Human race and the incect like IRK. The humans left the planet alone, but the IRK saw it as a military vantage point and a good source of food. They attacked ricktor 9 and the duinde held them off for 5 days, until the IRK decided this was too much of a trouble. They decided if they couldnt have the planet then no one could. They destroyed the planet with a large nuclier missile, as the duinde tried to escape. Now they are mostly found working in mechanic shops.....
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