Beautiful Katamari

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Beautiful Katamari

Post by thefreeman on Sat Dec 13, 2008 6:52 pm

Beautiful Katamari is one of the strangest games ive ever played. The one i played is the one for the 360. The story is that the king of all the cosmos, the queen, and the prince, were all playing golf. The king accidentally shot an awsome shot with his club, and aciddentally ripped a hole in space causing a black hole to suck up all the universe. Exept for earth. So the king asks for your (the prince) help. You have to go to earth and use this ball called a katamari to roll up everyday, and a bit not everyday, objects to create new planets moons, suns, and eventually a plug for the black hole. In the beggining you roll up small things like candy, pencils, and mice. Then you start to roll up people. Eventually your rolling up cities and continents, and then, your bigger than earth, and roll up stars. Its a very cool game with some funny speeches from the king.

Sound 8 cool japanese songs, but it can get repetitive. but every thing you roll up makes a sound when you roll it up. like people screaming as they get rolled up.
Graphics 7 decent graphics and pretty good for such a big game. things arnt very detailed but there are a lot of things.
Gameplay 10 thats the highlight of the game that it has such a different style and is very enjoyable.
Overall 8.5 a fun game just a little bit corny. Very Happy
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