Pata Pata Pata PON!!!!!!

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Pata Pata Pata PON!!!!!!

Post by thefreeman on Wed Jul 16, 2008 11:40 pm

patapon is one of my faveite games for the PSP. its a music game where you the leader/god of a tribe of eyeball's with legs people, have to play certain rythmes on your holy drums to guide the patapons to earthsend to see IT!!!! the game is basically a music game where you play certain rythmes to make the patapons do things. you make your patapon army to fight the zigotians, hunt and get to earthsend. its a fun game and the patapons are pretty cute too. very strange game.

gameplay 9 its a music game and a good one at that its supposed to have fun gameplay.
music 10 duh when you do enough patterns in a row you go into "fever mode" which A. makes your patapons use their special abilitys and B. makes what they sing more chaotic and their war song more complex.
graphics 8 its not a digital masterpeice, it looks more cartoony and cool looking, its drawn and i thing sort of pivot.
overall 9.5.

*as soon as i can figure out how to make a vid on the PSP ahem i'm going to do a patopon walkthrough thing.
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