Wario ware smooth moves for the Wii

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Wario ware smooth moves for the Wii

Post by thefreeman on Mon Jul 14, 2008 12:19 pm

Wario Ware smooth moves is a fun game..... if you like totall random
gameplay and storyline. Wario Ware is bassicly a bunch of mini games
like WTF and a bit like mario party. The story doesnt make sense some
times but it's a very fun game for groups or for kids. you see a lot of
mini games and parts of other nintendo games to. All in all its a fun
addicting game.

Graphics: 7 not the best but pretty good for the wii
sound :8 songs are ok but get kinda anoying after awhile.
gameplay: 10 thats the whole basis of the game!
overall: 8


* from mi other user on MF166*
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