Old San Andreas Fanfic

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Old San Andreas Fanfic

Post by calcatchem on Wed May 28, 2008 4:27 pm

Made this about 2 years ago, only fanfic I ever made and its not even Mario related. Well figured I'd share it with ya'll Very Happy

Here is a short fanfic I made. Hope you all enjoi!

Background: With corruption at an all time high and street thugs dominating the city, Carl and the Grove Street gang try to take things back into their own hands to revitalize what was once the prosperous San Andreas.

The scene opens with the conclusion of the San Andreas game; Tenpenny is dead, but Andreas is still rampant with street crime and violence. Kendl, hoping to pick up a few things from the market and see some friends, leaves with most of the crew already at the Johnson's house, leaving CJ, Sweet, and Cesar. With Kendl gone, Cesar busts out some drugs and lines the table with piles of coke.

Carl: "Aw man, Cesar. Why you gotta be doin that s***?"

Cesar: "I dunno, homes. It's like...POWERFUL STUFF!"

Sweet: "I've had enough with this.."

CJ and Sean Johnson (Sweet, Carl's brother) step out to the veranda at their mother's home in the south end of Los Santos. The pair have been through alot together and after being reunited, following Sweet's jailtime and Carl getting back at Tenpenny, both are relieved to be back home once again. Although, some things aren't the same...

Carl: "Damn. This whole town is gone to s***. Busters everywhere, man."

Sweet: "You said that right. I'm sick and tired of this bu-"

Just then a cop car rolls up to the front of the residence and two officers emerge. "GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" both officers scream. Sweet quickly whips out a small-caliber 9mm pistol from his jeans and takes aim.

Sweet: "I ain't goin down wit out a fight! You punk dodongo busters aint gettin me again!"

CJ charges back into the house, hoping to get rid of the dope before the cops find it first. Cesar, snorting a line, and looking a bit disoriented, is confused when a panicked Carl re-enters the house.


Cesar: "What the heck, bro? Why you gotta be yellin, man?"


Cesar wipes his nostrils and hands a small baggie of a white substance to Carl, who throws it out of the back window of the kitchen area. There still is some Cluckin Bell and Well-Stacked Pizza bags and boxes on the floor from last night's meal. An old picture of Mrs. Johnson hangs above the kitchen table. "If only Mom were still here..", Carl thought. "If only Momma was still here.."

Cesar peers out the front window, only to witness a horrific and devastating homicide. The two officers, one white and one appearing strikingly simaliar to a dead Officer Tenpenny, step back into the patrol car and speed off into the distance. Cesar can hardly breathe as he looks over and sees poor Sweet slumped over on the steps of the Johnson home, bleeding profusely from his chest. A few rounds of bullet casings lie next to Sweet. Carl, within seconds of Cesar's desperate plea to get to Sweet's aide, flies thru the front door and nearly doubles over. Turning his brother over, he finds two gunshot wounds to Sweet's chest.

Sweet: "...they...they got me man..."

Carl: "No they aint got ya bro! They aint never get ya!"

Carl embraces Sweet one last time, and then, with a final breath, Sweet dies in his brother's arms. Carl, in a state of shock and disbelief, cannot believe he has lost his brother. Momma, Sweet, and Kendl were the only family Carl had ever had and could ever feel truly loved by. Carl stands up, taking all of this sadness and tragedy in once more again, looks up at the shattered and smoke-filled sky. With gunshots in the background, sirens wailing in the distance, and pedestrians fleeing for safety, he screams out to the heavens. "WHY!?!?!?!?!"

Possible sequel coming soon. Thoughts? Comments?


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Re: Old San Andreas Fanfic

Post by BLAMincorperated on Sat Jun 14, 2008 3:17 am

Very interesting
You should join the writers group if you havent already...

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